Payroll Agenda

Complex processing of payroll agenda:

  • calculation and register of employees’ salaries
  • processing and delivery of reports for insurance companies and the tax office
  • preparation of envelopes containing payroll for every employee
  • preparation of the annual account of advance payment for tax from dependant activity
  • preparation of the annual account of health insurance
  • preparation of bank transfers in paper or electronic form
  • preparation of necessary confirmations

The fee for external bookkeeping is based on the number of documents per month and the number of employees. The fee is set in a meeting with the client and it includes consulting throughout the year.

Our company is insured against any discrepancies that may occur in accounting. Despite the ever changing legislation in the Slovak Republic, we have not yet used this insurance, which is a true success. We will be happy to fulfill your requirements so that you profit from our services as much as possible. We look forward to our cooperation and the opportunity to demonstrate our excellent services.