Accounting and Consulting Office, Ltd. are specializing in Accounting:

  • Double-entry and single-entry bookkeeping
  • Document processing and register of VAT for the road tax
  • Processing of statistical reports for the National Bank, statistical offices, Intrastat
  • Year-end balancing of books and filing income tax returns of legal and physical entities, communication with tax offices
  • We also do accounting for companies in the process of liquidation
  • We provide retrogressive reconstructions of accounting records
  • Submitting of applications for VAT refund from abroad

We process the accounting agenda according to clients’ wishes using our own software on our office premises. Our endeavor is to provide services which will contribute to the growth and dynamic advancement of our clients’ companies rather than just providing them with stark facts.

Representation in Tax Proceedings
Acting on behalf of clients in tax proceedings is based on full power of attorney and includes dealing with the tax office, handling requests for a prolonged deadline for filing tax returns, representation of clients in tax audits, we offer our address for postal deliveries, we prepare appeals, requests of retrials, etc.

Registration of new taxpayers of income tax, tax from dependant activity and VAT
Every taxpayer is obliged to register with the relevant tax administrator within 30 days upon the start of gainful activities, or to register as a VAT payer, if applicable. We prepare timely registration along with the necessary registration requisites for clients based on full power of attorney.